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JR Burns Plumbing are licensed Gas Plumbers and Fitters. Using Natural Gas is an efficient and effective heating source for your home. Hot Water, Stove Top Cooking, Internal Heating and Outdoor Kitchens can all benefit from using this cheap source of energy.

Do not try to do this yourself. Natural gas is very flammable and dangerous if not installed correctly by a licensed and experienced Gas Plumber.

If you are searching for “gas plumber sydney”, or “gas fitting sydney” we may not appear at the top of the page, which is why I have created this article to help you find our services.

Jamieson Burns and his business JR Burns Plumbing, is a local Five Dock Plumbing service, experienced in installing and replacing gas appliances and hot water heaters. If you need to move your gas hot water system or upgrade it to an instant continuous flow gas hot water system, please call Jamieson and his team at JR Burns Plumbing.

Thank you for supporting local small business.