Neil Smith with his invention The Vertical Foot Alignment System - VFAS
Neil Smith
The Foot Alignment Clinic
46 Sydney St
Marrickville, NSW 2204
T: 02 9516 3547

The Foot Alignment Clinic offers custom orthotics created using the patented Vertical Foot Alignment System, invented by Neil Smith. These custom inserts are tailored to individual needs and help alleviate current foot pain while preventing future issues. Custom orthotics support feet, realign hips and legs, and enhance daily activities like walking and running. They are beneficial for those with low arches, heel and ankle pain, overpronation, supination, diabetes-related foot problems, and individuals who stand or walk for extended periods.

The clinic emphasizes the superiority of custom orthotics over store-bought insoles, highlighting their personalized support and effectiveness. The Vertical Foot Alignment System, developed by Neil Smith, ensures precise foot alignment for optimal results. The process for making custom orthotics involves an examination of your feet and legs, drawing lines on your feet to show current alignment, and direct weight-bearing alignment using the Vertical Foot Alignment System to create orthotics tailored to the patient’s exact weight-bearing foot shape.

The Foot Alignment Clinic has a team of experienced podiatrists who provide comprehensive foot care, including orthotics, ingrown toenail surgery, diabetic care, and sports injury treatment. They have been serving the community for over 30 years, staying up-to-date with the latest treatments in the field.

Custom orthotics are made onsite at our Marrickville Clinic and can be regularly updated and replaced as needed. Private health insurance may cover the cost of orthotics, depending on the policy. Overall, The Foot Alignment Clinic aims to provide tailored orthotic solutions for pain relief and improved foot health, backed by the innovative Vertical Foot Alignment System developed by Neil Smith.