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Looks Like It’s All Planned | Andy Schectman

Andy Schectman, president and CEO of Miles Franklin, has been joining us weekly the last three years. Central to our discussions have been gold reemerging on the world stage and the BRICS developing a new reserve currency to rival the U.S. dollar. Now it’s getting real. Russia recently pre-announced that at the August summit, BRICS will be announcing a gold-backed currency.

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Exercise Physiology and NDIS related disabilities

Exercise Physiologist in Sydney – Unlocking Potential: The Role of Exercise Physiology in NDIS-Related Diagnoses When it comes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), individuals with disabilities have access to a wide range of support services aimed at enhancing their quality of life

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The Looming Crisis For A Drenched Australia

Prevention and deterrent for Mosquitoes.

Tip out any buckets, containers, pot plant trays or kids toys in your back yard that have collected water. Clean your house gutters. Try to keep the retained water as minimal as possible. Mosquitoes are attracted to and breed in pooled water. make sure your pools and spas are clean and chlorinated or salted to prevent little creatures from making their new homes.

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Stories From The Heart

Just a quick note to let the followers of Julie Sursok know about her second book launch. "I'm now called a senior - Stories from the heart" will be available soon for download from Amazon and in book stores shortly after that. Julie had her original book "I'm now...

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So You’re Called A Senior

So You're a Senior, WTF!  Julie Sursok is an inspiring breakthrough author of the best-selling book “I’m Now called a Senior WTF.” Julie is a senior herself. She has run her own successful businesses, performed on stage and television and is an award-winning recording...

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What is Isopropyl Alcohol?

Labtech Service & Supplies 97 Fairey RdSouth Windsor, NSW, 2756Tel: 02 8064 2333 Website: https://labtech.com.auIsopropyl Alcohol or IPA is one of the most common solvents in the world. It is often known as rubbing alcohol or IPA. Isopropyl alcohol is most...

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What is your view of the future

I was posed the question, "if you have ten houses, ten cars and have been on ten vacations around the world, what is your view of the future?" At first, I thought of other things that I could have or do, and then I realised that the question was posed to mean that I...

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Ucard Australian Directories

Ucard.cloud has added 3 new Australian Trade Directories to the arsenal of online marketing tools. The australianbuildersdirectory.com.au The australianelectriciansdirectory.com.au The australianplumbersdirectory.com.au Warren Moore the developer of Ucard.cloud said...

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