The Purpose is Entertainment, Emelia Harford is very exciting to watch and knows her stuff. I hope you enjoy the videos.
  • 00:10 The car experienced a lot of white smoke during start-up, which is considered normal after long periods of inactivity.
  • 00:37 The white smoke continued during a tunnel blast and while driving, causing concern.
  • 01:11 The white smoke issue disappeared after some road tests and code clearing, indicating a possible fouled spark plug causing a random misfire.
  • 02:23 There is a map correlation code, and the car’s oil system injects oil into the intake manifold for lubrication during start-ups.
  • 03:05 The 458 went for an alignment, and the owner considered changing its color from blue to classic white.
  • 07:27 The owner thanks viewers for their support and mentions a promotion from a sponsor, “Let’s Get Checked.”
  • 09:58 The owner arrives at West Coast Exotics to show the car’s final build to Hunter, who sold him the 458.
  • 14:45 Hunter sees the 458 and compliments the build, but expresses his dislike for the color.
  • 18:42 The owner drives the car and appreciates its performance and sound but remains unsure about the color choice.
  • 23:33 The general consensus is that everyone loves the kit, wheels, and suspension, but there’s divided opinion about the color, and the owner contemplates repainting it white.

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