The story on Skynews starts with

For most of Australia 2021 has been warm and slightly wetter than a normal year, although most rain events have bypassed eastern Queensland, northwest Victoria, and eastern inland SA.

For parts of inland NSW and western WA, the first eight months of the year have been close to the wettest on record. The town of Inverell, NSW, is a standout with 893mm falling by September, the wettest first eight months of a year since 1879.

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2022 has kept on trend, with Queensland and New South Wales being included in the torrential downpour.

The Guardian news site said;

A negative Indian Ocean dipole event has been declared, increasing the chances of above-average rainfall over much of Australia during the rest of winter and spring.

It is believed to be the first time since reliable records began in 1960 that negative Indian Ocean dipole events have occurred two years in a row.

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My concern with the amount of water lying around on the approach to spring is the mosquitoes. The phrase “La Nina” bring more than just rain will be true enough. There is an expected increase in mosquitoes, spiders, termites, rodents – and mould. I see mould on the side of houses and fences, concrete paths and bikeways that I have never seen before.

As the Spring weather worms up the Mosquitoes will become more active and their breeding cycle will begin. In the wet areas from Sydney to Far North Queensland, the growing population of mosquitoes will bring with it an increase in mosquitoes-born diseases.

Prevention and deterrent for Mosquitoes

Tip out any buckets, containers, pot plant trays or kids toys in your back yard that have collected water. Clean your house gutters. Try to keep the retained water as minimal as possible. Mosquitoes are attracted to and breed in pooled water. make sure your pools and spas are clean and chlorinated or salted to prevent little creatures from making their new homes.

As the Sun goes down the swarm seems to take hold. Flyscreen can help keep the outdoors out, but if you want to enjoy your outdoors for longer use a tropical insect repellent like citronella, lemon grass and cloves.

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