The Purpose is Entertainment, Emelia Harford is very exciting to watch and knows her stuff. I hope you enjoy the videos.

  • 00:00 The host is trading in their 2023 Corvette Z06 for something else that they are excited about.
  • 00:34 The host mentions that they have some exciting content coming up that is embargoed.
  • 03:12 The host promotes the sponsor “Upside,” an app that offers cashback on purchases of gas, groceries, and dining.
  • 04:09 The host meets the head designer of Dodge and Chrysler and test drives a 1000 horsepower carbon fiber 1968 Charger.
  • 06:26 The host reveals that they are trading in their Corvette Z06 convertible for a Z06 coupe with the z07 package, including carbon fiber wheels, for special track use videos permitted by Chevrolet.
  • 08:50 The host expresses gratitude for the opportunity to have two Z06 press cars and teases exciting content to come, despite having to wait until the embargo lifts to post it.
  • 10:03 The host compares the differences between the Z06 with the z07 arrow and the Z06 with the full z07 package, including the interior and tires.
  • 11:14 The host shows excitement for the content they will produce with the new Z06 and the permission they received from Chevrolet.

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