Hi there – I’m Julie.

And  I can now call myself a senior published author.

Who would have thought at this mature age of seniorship that this would be one of the most rewarding pursuits of my life.

So let’s backtrack a little……

If someone were to ask me “ So what do you do” – I can reply that I have had many careers.

I trained and qualified as a Television Director in South Africa and worked on numerous shows such as BBC’s Panorama, and SATV.

I performed on television and in stage shows and recorded with EMI, staying loyal for 10 years.

I studied BMus at UniSA, I received a Diploma for Secretarial services(just in case). 

I worked as a Marketing Assistant in a large Multinational Food Company. I taught the guitar and play classical piano. I have been the Director of a number of businesses and learned accounting along the way.

So if I was to complete a travel document that asked for my occupation, as you can imagine, it would be pretty confused.

I know now however why I always had a love for English and reading – this in all genres and have been a prolific reader from a very young age. This was just preparation for where I am standing now and that is PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

There is nothing easy about being an author and the reality of becoming an author is not glamourous and is full of challenges.

It all begins with the DREAM. And, I believe that this applies to everything that people would like to achieve.

It is finding the WHY.

Why would I want to write a book  – this required deep soul searching .

So many people glibly make remarks about what they want to do but never follow through.

I wanted to help people of my age and change their perspective on getting older – realising that we are all on the same team and by embracing each other we will feel like HOME.

Anyone that wants to achieve in any field needs to be prepared to begin the marathon, understand the journey ahead and know that there will be successes and discouragement along the way-always focusing ahead at the end goal.

What does it take to write a book

  2. Permission to believe in yourself.
  3. Goals and deadlines
  4. Writing first drafts and refining 
  5. Developing a writing habit
  6. Finding wonderful editors
  7. Proofreading 
  8. Formatting correctly for different distribution channels
  9. Finding cheerleaders to let others know how you are going
  10. Attract success
  12. HAVE FUN

What have I learned in this complete change of career.

  • You need to be certain of your WHY as this will carry you through when there are bumps in the road.
  • You need to believe that you really can do this.
  • You need to commit to the small goals that will help you reach your main goal
  • You need to shake off any self -limiting mindset or negative energy from those around you.
  • You need to connect with communities who are in the trenches with you or have come out the other side with the results that they envisaged.
  • You need to have the courage to continue when it looks like all is imploding.

I have learned that you can do anything if you are brave and organised.