I was posed the question, “if you have ten houses, ten cars and have been on ten vacations around the world, what is your view of the future?”

At first, I thought of other things that I could have or do, and then I realised that the question was posed to mean that I have already done that or have that.

It’s not until you understand the full value of the question that you realise your purpose in life is not about the material things.

What would get you out of bed every day, if, in reality, you have everything you could want?

Your focus might then be turned toward helping others, or growing knowledge. I don’t believe people want to be helped. Everytime I try to help someone, I find that I have taken on the burden and in reality not helped anyone. By making my life better and looking after my family, I can make a small difference in this world.

In answer to the question posed, I think my focus would be on gaining experience, learning new things, creating and writing. It is probably why so many older adults turn to art and painting. The satisfaction of creating and finishing a project would sustain you and give you purpose.

If the stepping stone to achieving your purpose in life is the stressful activity required to accumulate wealth (Your Job), why not by-pass this step and focus on the original purpose. Set aside 1 hour every day to your purpose. 1 hour each day can turn into 2 hours and more. This would mean that you have a complete, full and eventful life full of purpose and creation without the stress.

I found that whatever I focus on gives me strength. If I focus on learning, I am able to learn. If I focus on money and debt, I get stressed and I see more debt.

I decided to focus on learning how to create pipelines of income so that I am not reliant on any one income stream. This mindset changed my life. I am focused on learning. I get up every morning looking forward to what I am going to learn today. Every day I work on creating another income stream that can be created and set into action. With each income stream working, I am gaining another opportunity to spend more time on my passion for learning.

Every morning I ask for the opportunity to learn something new that will take me one step closer to my goal. The whole time I know that the end goal is just an improved version of the life that I am living already.

I am a firm believer in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The book and the movie are amasing. I play the audiobook every night when I fall to sleep. The Universe does provide.

I wish you well in your future.

Warren Moore