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Ucard.cloud has added 3 new Australian Trade Directories to the arsenal of online marketing tools.

The australianbuildersdirectory.com.au

The australianelectriciansdirectory.com.au

The australianplumbersdirectory.com.au

Warren Moore the developer of Ucard.cloud said that the additional directories will increase the linking and traffic value by identifying the individual categories represented on Ucard.cloud. Like Ucard.cloud a free listing is available for the businesses identified under each category and additional ucards can be created with a premium account.

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Commercial Building Security, Thinking Secure thoughts.

Is security a priority, is it in your top ten? Protecting employees, customers, and suppliers while on your site, is a necessary condition of doing business. But are you consciously thinking of this as security? 

Who was on site yesterday, what did they do? Did they bring anything or anyone with them? Did they turn up to do work, or did they turn up to take something away?

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A story of Back Yard Domination.

Tree roots causing blocked toilets and drains

A story of Back Yard Domination.

The back story. 23 years ago in a back yard near you, a young couple had plans of building a home and growing a loving family. They could see the little feet running in the house and swinging on the tyre hanging from the tree in the back yard. It was going to be a magical time.

The house is taking shape and the gardens and trees that they planted to create the screen along the fence are all growing, and growing, and growing.

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Large agency vs. Smaller growing agency

Julia White IAC Recruit Manager

Jules compares her time as a recruiter within a large firm to her time with IAC…

The biggest difference is the amount of value you can add on a daily basis. In a larger agency, the decisions are made by people you will never speak to or meet; with layers of management in between. At IAC, we sit next to our founder and MD every day; as such, any new idea or a new perspective is automatically listened to.

Less infrastructure means more opportunity in the future, and more able to have your opinions heard. If you’re creatively minded, it’s a great chance to exercise this.

The culture at IAC is unbeatable from my perspective; unlike the larger agencies where there can be pockets of different cultures and friendship groups, here at IAC we have a united culture. Before recruiting a new member, we all have a say on whether the person is going to fit into the culture; this ensures the 0% staff turnover – we all like the people we recruit!

Another stand out quality of our culture is the extent to which we support and congratulate each other; we announce our placements on a WhatsApp group – what follows the post is a stream of emojis and hilarious GIFs! No dreaded whiteboards here!  There is no internal competitiveness which is very rare in the world of recruitment. We are competitive individuals of course (we are recruiters after all!), however, we focus on our competitors being our competition, not our colleagues!

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6 tips to help you survive the audit busy season

Chris Brooker, Director IAC-Recruit

It’s always this time of year that I remember the early mornings, late nights, windowless audit room and relentless nature of audit in the busy season. The task ahead seems so vast and the deadline so soon as you ask again (and again) for deliverables and answers to your questions so that you can pull together enough evidence to complete your work papers. There are many times that you question if you will ever get it finished, and just how are you going to survive?

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2020 IAC Promotion for Daniel Milson

2020 IAC Promotion

Congratulations Daniel Milson

IAC has got off to a very strong start. Welcome to our new Director, Daniel Milson.

Daniel joined us in 2016 and made the extremely courageous move to shift out of a market that he excelled at for nearly twenty years, and into IT Audit. IT Audit was not a world he knew, but he is now the leading expert in his field. He too has been 100% committed to IAC from day 1 onwards. DM has been working on plans for our growth and will be leading new growth areas in 2020 and beyond. DM is also immensely loyal, funny and utterly committed to the IAC team – we are very lucky to have him.

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2020 IAC Promotion for David Crook

2020 IAC Promotion

Congratulations David Crook

IAC has got off to a very strong start. Welcome to our new Director, David Cook.

David joined the team in 2014 and has been 100% committed from day 1. He has played a crucial part in turning us into the established business we are today and will now be the driving force for his own division. DC is constantly looking to achieve, to learn, to grow and to help others. He has an open mind, a phenomenal work ethic and is an unfailingly positive presence at all times.

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2020 IAC Promotion for Julia White

Julia White, IAC Recruitment London

2020 IAC Promotion

Congratulations Julia White

IAC has got off to a very strong start. Welcome to our new Manager, Julia White.

Julia, who also joined us in 2016 as a junior consultant is now competing as a top biller, a team-leading driver of BD and a great team mentor. When she’s not standing solo in front of some of the most senior people in the industry at our seminars and more importantly at our Women in Audit events, Jules oozes passion for Internal Audit, IAC, and the team around her and brings outstanding levels of energy to everything she does, and for all those around her.

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