Industrial Electrician Keeping Pace.

I am doing some marketing for Pace Electrical Pty Ltd in Kurmond NSW. Kevin contacted me through a friend to see I was able to help with their website and marketing. I am always happy to help, so I started looking at Kevin’s business and his competition.

There is a lot of competition in the small business electrical field. It seems that every apprentice completes their 4 years of training and has an entrepreneurial seizure and decide to start their own business. Luckily there are a lot of people, businesses and industrial companies that need their expertise.

When you have so much competition, experience seems to be the point of difference. Some electricians have experience with home wiring, some with alarms and security, not all have commercial office fit out or industrial electrician experience.

What is the difference? An industrial electrician needs to be able to work in manufacturing, farming, fabrication and production-line environments. They deal with different voltage levels and Programmable logic controllers. For most electricians, this is not an experience that they can put on their resume.

Now to the online marketing process.
The competition for Pace Electrical is vast, and in the Industrial Electrician space, there are some substantial companies with large budgets. For a small business, blanket marketing won’t work. You will go broke on marketing with minimal benefit.

Small business marketing with small budgets, need to be direct. Focus your marketing directly on the customers or category of customers that will benefit the most.

The keywords regularly searched in this field are:
“electrical maintenance sydney”
“industrial electrical contractors sydney”
“industrial electrical services sydney”
“industrial electrical contractor sydney”
industrial electrical sydney

Global results on the above keywords are minimal **<100 /mth. So concentrating on these words will not bring any substantial results.
A more generic keyword such as “industrial electrician” or “commercial electrician” have substantially higher monthly searches and would increase the volume of potential clients seeing your brand.

LinkedIn is a source reference for building your profile with other business owners, while Facebook and Instagram have a direct link to consumers. I plan to directly market key local businesses within 1 hour of Pace Electrical that fit the Industrial, Commercial industry criteria. ** AHREF, Keyword Explorer

I can now call myself a published author

Hi there – I’m Julie.

And  I can now call myself a senior published author.

Who would have thought at this mature age of seniorship that this would be one of the most rewarding pursuits of my life.

So let’s backtrack a little……

If someone were to ask me “ So what do you do” – I can reply that I have had many careers.

I trained and qualified as a Television Director in South Africa and worked on numerous shows such as BBC’s Panorama, and SATV.

I performed on television and in stage shows and recorded with EMI, staying loyal for 10 years.

I studied BMus at UniSA, I received a Diploma for Secretarial services(just in case). 

I worked as a Marketing Assistant in a large Multinational Food Company. I taught the guitar and play classical piano. I have been the Director of a number of businesses and learned accounting along the way.

So if I was to complete a travel document that asked for my occupation, as you can imagine, it would be pretty confused.

I know now however why I always had a love for English and reading – this in all genres and have been a prolific reader from a very young age. This was just preparation for where I am standing now and that is PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

There is nothing easy about being an author and the reality of becoming an author is not glamourous and is full of challenges.

It all begins with the DREAM. And, I believe that this applies to everything that people would like to achieve.

It is finding the WHY.

Why would I want to write a book  – this required deep soul searching .

So many people glibly make remarks about what they want to do but never follow through.

I wanted to help people of my age and change their perspective on getting older – realising that we are all on the same team and by embracing each other we will feel like HOME.

Anyone that wants to achieve in any field needs to be prepared to begin the marathon, understand the journey ahead and know that there will be successes and discouragement along the way-always focusing ahead at the end goal.

What does it take to write a book

  2. Permission to believe in yourself.
  3. Goals and deadlines
  4. Writing first drafts and refining 
  5. Developing a writing habit
  6. Finding wonderful editors
  7. Proofreading 
  8. Formatting correctly for different distribution channels
  9. Finding cheerleaders to let others know how you are going
  10. Attract success
  12. HAVE FUN

What have I learned in this complete change of career.

  • You need to be certain of your WHY as this will carry you through when there are bumps in the road.
  • You need to believe that you really can do this.
  • You need to commit to the small goals that will help you reach your main goal
  • You need to shake off any self -limiting mindset or negative energy from those around you.
  • You need to connect with communities who are in the trenches with you or have come out the other side with the results that they envisaged.
  • You need to have the courage to continue when it looks like all is imploding.

I have learned that you can do anything if you are brave and organised.


Ucard Australian Directories

Ucard Logo has added 3 new Australian Trade Directories to the arsenal of online marketing tools.




Warren Moore the developer of said that the additional directories will increase the linking and traffic value by identifying the individual categories represented on Like a free listing is available for the businesses identified under each category and additional ucards can be created with a premium account.

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Commercial Building Security, Thinking Secure thoughts.

Is security a priority, is it in your top ten? Protecting employees, customers, and suppliers while on your site, is a necessary condition of doing business. But are you consciously thinking of this as security? 

Who was on site yesterday, what did they do? Did they bring anything or anyone with them? Did they turn up to do work, or did they turn up to take something away?

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Large agency vs. Smaller growing agency

Julia White IAC Recruit Manager

Jules compares her time as a recruiter within a large firm to her time with IAC…

The biggest difference is the amount of value you can add on a daily basis. In a larger agency, the decisions are made by people you will never speak to or meet; with layers of management in between. At IAC, we sit next to our founder and MD every day; as such, any new idea or a new perspective is automatically listened to.

Less infrastructure means more opportunity in the future, and more able to have your opinions heard. If you’re creatively minded, it’s a great chance to exercise this.

The culture at IAC is unbeatable from my perspective; unlike the larger agencies where there can be pockets of different cultures and friendship groups, here at IAC we have a united culture. Before recruiting a new member, we all have a say on whether the person is going to fit into the culture; this ensures the 0% staff turnover – we all like the people we recruit!

Another stand out quality of our culture is the extent to which we support and congratulate each other; we announce our placements on a WhatsApp group – what follows the post is a stream of emojis and hilarious GIFs! No dreaded whiteboards here!  There is no internal competitiveness which is very rare in the world of recruitment. We are competitive individuals of course (we are recruiters after all!), however, we focus on our competitors being our competition, not our colleagues!

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6 tips to help you survive the audit busy season

Chris Brooker, Director IAC-Recruit

It’s always this time of year that I remember the early mornings, late nights, windowless audit room and relentless nature of audit in the busy season. The task ahead seems so vast and the deadline so soon as you ask again (and again) for deliverables and answers to your questions so that you can pull together enough evidence to complete your work papers. There are many times that you question if you will ever get it finished, and just how are you going to survive?

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